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Request for periodicals

The library fund of the SKMA LIC is formed on the basis of a preliminary order in accordance with:

-the file of bookprovidesliterature of the educational process

Literature pre-ordering is carried out on the basis of viewing sources, the selection of literature for the application is carried out according to the price lists of publishing houses  with price lists attached to the departments.

To ensure the educational process the library acquires publications in accordance with the requirements for the provision of educational literature to the Academy upon written requests from the departments. Applications for educational and scientific literature signed by the headof the library and goes to the department of library acquisition.The orders for the purchase of literature, periodicals are posted on the library website


Request for periodicals


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South - Kazakhstan State Pharmaceutical Academy (SKSPhA).

Library and Information Center

Address: Shymkent, pl. Al-Farabi, 1.

Contact phone: 39-31-41 (271) 


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