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You are invited to visit “Information Day” (review of new collection), that will be held from November  19 to 23, 2018, at 10 a.m. till 17 p.m. reference-information sector ( library № 213B) 
From november 5 to7, 2018 , at10.00 a.m. till17.00 p.m. Library and Information Center organizes the Day of the Department “Normal and patriotic physiologist” in reference and information sector.                            ...
From October  1st to 17th, 2018  the Library and Information Center of SKMA will hold a complex library and bibliographic activity for freshmen. The purpose of the training is to teach students to  use the information resources of the library effectively, to get acquainted with the...
25 November 2016

On 24th November, 2016 there was held a literary evening “December is the spirit of Independence” dedicated to the 25thanniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event was organized inLibrary and Information Center. There was shown a video “Independence is the spirit of people”, the students recited poems and sang songs.

11 November 2016

From November 8th to 10th, 2016 at Library and Information Center of SKSPhA there was held a seminar on the theme: “Practical use of foreign electronic resources and data bases” to promote and increase the information level of residents on the access possibilities to foreign information recourses.

14 October 2016

С 20февралья по 1марта 2016 года в 1-ом читальном зале Библиотечно-информационного центра ЮКГФА экспонировалось книжная выставка, «100 нақты қадам (Бес инстиуциалық реформа)»,


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